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The Practice Lab is your ultimate resource hub for allied health professionals looking to start and grow their own private practice. Equip your startup allied health practice for success with our business resources.

We help allied health professionals build clinics that inspire and thrive.

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Feeling nervous about tackling private practice or wondering if you’re on the right track? Our tips and advice will not only help you gain new skills and knowledge, but also make you realise you’re not alone!
There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Grab our private practice tools and resources, designed to help set up and run your practice seamlessly and professionally.
Our private practice coaches come with extensive experience in guiding private practice owners through the setup and startup stages. Get our advice through blogs and newsletters, or sign up for one-on-one coaching!

Get private practice marketing support

From our Allied Health Paper that supports your social media marketing by updating with timely, shareable health-related articles each day, to our allied health website design services, your marketing journey starts here.
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Vision, mission and values: Crafting the core identity of your allied health startup practice

Does your practice have a clear identity, a defined purpose that resonates with your team and clients? If marketing feels like a challenge because you’re attempting to be everything to everyone, our free online course, “Vision, Mission, and Values: Crafting the Core Identity of Your Allied Health Startup Practice,” might be the compass you need.

This course guides you through the essential steps of defining your practice’s core identity, with free exercise worksheets to help your brainstorming process. Enroll now to build a foundation that propels your allied health practice to new heights with purpose and strategic clarity.

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The Allied Health Paper

Our weekly paper keeps you up to date with the allied health topics around the world, while making it easy for you to share attention-grabbing headlines with your social media followers. Become a member to get weekly notifications!

Private Practice Coaching

Our business coaches keeps you on track to private practice success. Book an appointment to see how we can add value to your practice, whether it’s business strategy, marketing, team management or anything else on your mind.
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