Welcome to The Practice Lab.

We empower clinic owners in Australia by providing easy access to high-quality business tips, tools, and resources.

The Practice Lab is a dedicated space designed for entrepreneurs in the allied health private practice sector. It was founded with a deep passion for the allied health industry, enthusiasm for its continuous growth, and a genuine appreciation for its professionals. Continue reading to learn more about who we are.
about the practice lab

Where learning is a practice, and the lab is always open for exploration.

Our name is not just a label, but a reflection of our ethos and commitment. We chose “The Practice Lab” because it embodies our vision for a dynamic space where learning, experimentation, and idea-sharing flourish—a digital laboratory for private practice owners.
The term “practice” goes beyond a mere profession; it signifies the very essence of what we are all about. It represents the dedication, discipline, and continuous effort that private practice owners invest in their businesses.
The word “lab” conjures images of active exploration and hands-on engagement. We believe in the power of learning by doing, and our digital lab is the place where ideas come to life. It’s a space that evolves, just like the ever-changing landscape of private practice ownership.
We cultivate a mindset centred on ongoing growth, prioritising progress and adaptability over permanence. We are dedicated to maintaining a constant state of evolution, fostering curiosity, and actively pursuing improvement.

Our vision

At The Practice Lab, we envision a world where health businesses not only survive but thrive.

Our core purpose

To empower health businesses with knowledge and simplify the path to success

Our core purpose is to be a catalyst for success in the allied health industry by bridging the gap between health and business. We believe that knowledge is the key to empowerment, and through valuable insights, resources, and tools, we aim to support startup allied health private practice owners in Australia. Our goal is to make success approachable for allied health professionals who are navigating the complexities of business ownership.

Our values

Curious flexibility

Embracing growth mindset and change

We are committed to fostering curiosity and creative engagement. In an ever-evolving industry, we believe in maintaining a growth mindset, promoting flexibility, and embracing change as opportunities for growth and innovation.

Affordable accessibility

Breaking down barriers for clinic owners

We recognise the value and importance of private health businesses in society. Our commitment is to remain affordable and accessible, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder the growth and success of clinic owners.


Prioritising mental, emotional, and physical well-being

We strive to create positive ripples in our environment. The well-being of our team, stakeholders, and the broader community is at the heart of our business activities. We believe that a healthy business starts with prioritising the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of everyone involved.

Knowledge & learning

Building a seamless self-serve learning experience

We are dedicated to building and managing a comprehensive knowledge base. Our goal is to provide a seamless self-serve learning experience, empowering our members with the tools and information they need to navigate the complexities of running a successful allied health private practice.

Our promise

We will equip you with all the practical knowledge and skills you need to build a solid foundation for your allied health practice.

danielle kong

Meet the founder

Danielle Kong

Private practice business coach and marketer

Dani is the founder of The Practice Lab. With a decade of experience in the allied health private industry, Dani has witnessed and embraced the changes and advancements in the field.
Dani holds an educational background in psychology and criminology, coupled with further studies in business and marketing. Her passion lies in working with allied health entrepreneurs, recognising the unique blend of compassion, empathy, and humanity they bring alongside their ambition, entrepreneurship, and professionalism.
Mental and physical health are integral components of Dani’s life, contributing to her dedication to helping health businesses thrive. Through The Practice Lab, Dani aims to share her expertise and empower others to build successful and fulfilling practices in the allied health sector.
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