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Private practice is complex.

Starting a private practice in the allied health industry can be an exciting yet daunting experience. While you have the passion and expertise to provide high-quality care to your clients, the challenges of running a business can be overwhelming.
That’s where The Practice Lab’s business coaching services come in.
We understand the pain points that startup allied health private practice owners face, and we have the experience and expertise to help you overcome these challenges and achieve your business goals.
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Does this sound like you?

  • Wanting to start but unsure where to begin
  • Unconfident about running a business
  • Uncertain how to brand and market your practice
  • Lack of knowledge on the finance and management side of things
  • Unsure how to build a referral network
  • Too many ideas and not sure what's right for you
  • Overwhelmed with the list of your startup to-do items
  • Discouraged by self-doubt and imposter syndrome
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Work with us!

The Practice Lab’s coaching services are specifically tailored to help startup allied health private practice owners like you overcome common business challenges and achieve long-term sustainable success.
Whether you’re wanting to start your own private practice for the first time or you’ve been running your practice for a couple of years, we understand the unique needs of startup allied health businesses.

Our coaching services are designed to help you:

  • Build a sustainable referral network
  • Streamline business operations and improve efficiency
  • Achieve greater financial stability and profitability
  • Enhance marketing strategies to attract new clients
  • Set up the foundation to become a values-based practice
  • Increase client care and satisfaction
  • Build a recruitment strategy to attract like-minded practitioners
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Our coaching program includes:

Regular coaching sessions with your dedicated business coach

Actionable strategies and tactics to help you achieve your goals

Ongoing support and accountability to ensure you stay on track

Access to our extensive library of business resources and tools

  • Weekly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Conducted over Zoom - meet us from anywhere
  • Fully tailored coaching program
  • Weekly tasks list to help keep you on track
  • Private Slack workspace for easy communication
  • Access to project/task management program
  • Text support (via Slack) in between sessions
  • Free Practice Lab Growth level membership

All inclusive: $1,290 per month

Ready to start?

We work with dedicated and ambitious startup allied health practice owners who are either starting their private practice for the first time, or are in the initial stages of running their practice.
Enquire with us and we’ll organise a time to chat and see if we’re the right fit for each other!
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