30-Day Vlog Challenge for Private Practice Psychologists

30 day vlog challenge private practice psychology
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About Course

Wondering how you can increase your social media following and increase follower engagement? Vlogging might help! Take our 30-day mental health vlog challenge to introduce regular videos on fresh topics to your social feed!


As social media marketing is becoming essential for private practice owners, a lot of psychology private practice owners are on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The challenge for mental health professionals on social media platforms is regularly and consistently posting fresh, engaging and valuable content.

And if you’ve been doing that, great!

But… if you’ve only been posting images and text on your social platforms, it may be time to venture into the world of vlogging.

Video content is one of the most effective ways to quickly grab your followers’ attention, which can increase the engagement and interaction rate.

Not only that, valuable information is easier to share via video as you can explain difficult concepts in everyday language. It’s also easier for your followers to absorb information too, a lot of people learn better by listening and watching rather than reading. (Plus, who wants to read when they’re chilling at home after a long day anyway, right?!)

This challenge will provide you with a list of 30 mental health topics you can vlog about, as well as some tips and tricks for increasing engagement, including recommended hashtags.

Material Includes

  • Daily vlogging topic ideas
  • List of recommended hashtags
  • Online Marketing Daily Content Schedule template (Excel)

What Will I Learn?

  • Familiarise your clients with a video version of you
  • Deliver engaging videos on mental health topics your audience is interested in


  • A smartphone
  • Social media accounts

Target Audience

  • Private practice owners getting started with vlogging
  • Those who want to increase social media engagement
  • Those who need some fresh content ideas for marketing their mental health practice on social media

Topics for this course

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30-Day Vlog Challenge – Mental Health

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