Vision, mission and values: Crafting the core identity of your allied health practice

Vision, mission and values: Crafting the core identity of your allied health practice

About Course

In the world of healthcare, therapy, coaching, or any other private practice, your vision, mission, and values are the cornerstones upon which your entire business is built.

Creating a strong and well-defined vision, mission, and set of values is not just a bureaucratic task; it’s the roadmap that guides your decisions, defines your identity, and inspires you, your team, and your clients. It’s the key to setting yourself apart from the competition, establishing trust, and attracting the right clients who resonate with your purpose.

Throughout this course, we will walk you through the essential steps of crafting your unique vision, mission, and values. We will delve into the process of self-discovery, helping you articulate what drives you as a practitioner and what sets your practice apart. You’ll gain insights into the practical benefits of these elements, such as increased client engagement, improved team cohesion, and a clear path to professional growth.

Prefer navigating this journey with guidance? Book an introductory session with a private practice coach to kickstart your personalised guidance through the core identity process.
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What Will You Learn?

  • The importance of having clear vision, mission and values
  • How to dive deep to find your own unique vision for your private practice
  • How to discover your core purpose
  • How to identify your core values

Course Content

Introduction to Core Identity

  • Understanding the Significance of Core Identity
  • Real-World Insights into the Power of Core Identity
  • Case Study 1: Apple Inc.
  • Case Study 2: Mayo Clinic

Crafting Your Vision

Defining Your Mission

Identifying Core Values

Integration and Application

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