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Private Practice Contractor Recruitment Preparation 101

    About Course

    This course takes you through each step of the private practice recruitment preparation process, ensuring that your practice is ready for a new member and setting up your practice for minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations!

    Material Includes

    • Full lifetime access
    • 6 topics
    • 29 bite-sized lessons/articles
    • 6 quizzes (17 questions)
    • Private Practice Recruitment Guide + Templates (worth $95) included

    What Will I Learn?

    • Review your practice to identify gaps
    • Prepare your practice for a new team member
    • Write a detailed job description
    • Get opt-in from your existing team
    • Prepare an induction plan
    • Post a job ad


    • No prior knowledge or experience is required

    Target Audience

    • A private practice owner hiring a team member for the first time
    • An established private practice owner looking to hire the perfect addition to an existing team


    There are some situations in private practice life that make you think maybe it’s time to hire a (or another) practitioner for your private practice. It may be a particularly busy few weeks, a growing wait list, or even just because you feel like it’s the natural next step.

    Whatever your reason may be, one thing is for sure: Recruitment in private practice is no joke!

    And as such, it should be approached with careful consideration and preparation.


    This course will take you through everything you need to consider before and during the private practice recruitment process.

    The course will teach you how to:

    1. Identify the gaps in your practice
    2. Assess the readiness of your practice for a new practitioner
    3. Write a detailed job description
    4. Involve your current team in the recruitment process
    5. Prepare an induction plan
    6. Post a job ad


    At the end of the course, you’ll also be able to download our Private Practice Recruitment Guide + Templates for FREE.

    The guide includes:

    • A job ad template
    • Standard selection criteria
    • Application rejection email template (downloadable)
    • Phone interview invitation email template (downloadable)
    • Phone interview questions and answers sheet (downloadable)
    • Phone interview rejection email template (downloadable)
    • Face-to-face interview invitation email template (downloadable)
    • Interview questions and answers sheet (downloadable)
    • Interview rejection email template (downloadable)
    • Job offer email template (downloadable)
    • Letter of offer template (downloadable)
    • Practitioner commencement preparation checklist.

    Take this course to master the art of considered recruitment in your private practice and set yourself up for future hiring opportunities, too!

    Topics for this course

    29 Lessons10h

    Identify the gaps in your practice?

    Learn how to identify the gaps in your practice that must be filled by hiring a new team member.
    Gaps in Your Presenting Issues Coverage
    Gaps in the Levels of Experience
    Gaps in the Skill Sets
    Gaps in Your Ability to Accommodate Client Volume
    Feedback from Your Current Team

    Assess the readiness of your practice?

    Now that you've identified the gaps in your practice, it's time to learn how to assess whether or not your practice is ready for a new practitioner.

    Write a detailed job description (& ad)?

    Once you've confirmed that you're ready to hire a new practitioner, the next step is writing an accurate and detailed job description.

    Involve your current team?

    Ensure that all team members at your practice are on the same page.

    Prepare an induction plan?

    Get an induction plan ready in advance for a smooth on-boarding process.

    Post your job ad?

    Pick a job posting platform and post your ad!

    Next Steps?

    Now that you've posted your ad, what now? Download our recruitment guide & templates to help you through the hiring process!
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