As a private practice psychologist, it can often be a challenge to keep your social media accounts up to date with fresh content that your followers will love.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of great accounts on Instagram to inspire you. From doodles and comics about mental health topics like depression, anxiety and body image issues, to the account owner’s own mental health journey, there are plenty of engaging posts that can help you to:

  • Get inspired to come up with your own post ideas,
  • Re-post onto your account (with permission), and
  • Share with your followers and clients.

If you’re a fan of a particular artist, you could even commission them to create your own materials and illustrations whether you share them digitally or turn them into offline marketing materials.

Below is a list of 22 Instagram accounts that are sure to inspire your private practice psychology Instagram page. Follow them to get their post updates daily!


1. soolooka


2. stacieswift


3. jessrachelsharp


4. randomactsofbrie


5. sanitysoap


6. sadgirlsclub


7. introvertdoodles


8. howdoyouadult


9. chuckdrawsthings


10. journey_to_wellness_


11. mytherapistsays


12. laurajaneillustrations


13. sophia.joan.short


14. thepsychologymum


15. bethdrawsthings


16. marcelailustra


17. millykeepsgoing


18. healthpsychologyclinic


19. natasillustration


20. artsyaffirmations


21. constantbageltherapy


And last but not least…

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