Session Fee Impact on Revenue Calculator

There are countless ways to increase your private practice’s gross revenue, including: Increasing client attendance Increasing client retention Implementing a solid marketing strategy, and basically, Measuring, monitoring and managing every aspect of your practice. But the simplest way to increase your revenue in a short amount of time? Raise your fees. While there are various factors to consider when lifting your session fees, it is an undeniable fact that your bottom line will increase when the fee change is managed well. Use the calculator below…

Client Attendance Impact on Revenue Calculator

There is a reason why we at Practice Lab frequently talk about reporting and key measures in private practice. It’s because these metrics actually affect your bottom line! Keeping a habit of recording important metrics such as your average client attendance rate can help you to figure out the gaps in your practice and explore various solutions. For example, identifying that your practice experiences consistently low client attendance rate may prompt you to change your appointment-setting processes, cancellation policy and re-evaluate the way you build…

Private Practice Financial Health Check

The financial health of a private practice depends on many different factors. It’s about your revenue, various revenue streams, expenses, and an analysis of the resulting profit margin, among other things. This financial health check is designed to give you an overview of how your practice is doing financially, compared to the finances of an ideal and healthy practice.

Minimum Session Fee Calculator

If you’re unsure how much is reasonable to charge per session, work your way backwards by first finding out your minimum session fee. The minimum session fee represents the fee you need to charge per session in order to sustain your business while gaining zero profit after paying all your expenses.

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