Most private practices have different types of sessions charged out at different rates. This can sometimes make basic revenue calculations challenging as you need to consider different rates and numbers of sessions.

This calculator allows you to input 10 different types of sessions to take into consideration the complex ways some practices are structured.

Note: You don’t need to use all session types. If you only have a few different types, just leave the rest empty.

This calculator uses monthly figures, instead of weekly. If you would prefer to weekly numbers, use our Comprehensive Annual Revenue Calculator (Weekly).

Input the following information into the calculator to find out your annual gross revenue (i.e., income BEFORE tax and expenses):

  • Number of Sessions Per Month: The average number of sessions you have per month per session type.
  • Session Fee: How much you charge for the session type.
  • Out-of-Office/Holidays in Months Per Year: How many months do you take off during the year? You can use decimals for increased accuracy (e.g., 0.9 (months)).
If you have several different types of sessions for different contractors, use this calculator per contractor and add up the final revenue figure to get the practice total gross revenue.

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