You could be doing everything right and taking step-by-step marketing guidelines yet still left wondering why no-one is reading your blog or engaging with your social media content.

The problem might be that your headlines are just not attention-grabbing enough. The reality of online marketing is that in order to stand out from the sea of similar, competing content, yours needs to immediately grab the reader’s attention. That’s the first hurdle of getting people to actually read the content you spent hours working on.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to analyse and re-word your headlines.

Using the Free Headline Analyser by CoSchedule, you can:

  • Make your headlines more powerful
  • Add the right balance of emotive words, and
  • Optimise your headline for maximum engagement.


How To

1. Simply write your headline into their headline analyser and click “Analyze now”.

headline private practice

2. Scroll down to see your score and explanation.

headline private practice

3. Hover over each headline category (i.e. common, uncommon, emotional, power) to read feedback.

4. Make changes to your headline accordingly and enter the new headline into the analyser.

headline private practice

5. Repeat until you receive a high score headline that is attention-grabbing, powerful and engaging!


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