Spelling and grammar mistakes are one of the fastest ways to lose credibility. No matter how great your online or offline content is, writing mistakes can make your copy look sloppy, unprofessional and distract people from reading.

Fortunately, avoiding mistakes and improving readability and flow of your text can be done easily with the help of apps like the Hemingway Editor.

Hemingway Editor does the following things flawlessly:

  • Check for spelling mistakes
  • Check for grammar mistakes
  • Highlight lengthy and complex sentences
  • Identify sentences that may be difficult to read or understand
  • Highlight words that can be replaced with a simpler word
  • Highlight adverbs and passive voice.

The web editor is free, while you will have to pay for the desktop app.


How To

1. Simply bookmark the editor and use it every time you have to write content for your website visitors or social media followers (or even when emailing your contractors).

2. Click on “Write” in the top-right corner to write in distraction-free mode.

3. Once you’re finished writing, switch to “Edit” mode to see the suggestions.

4. Aim for Grade 9 or lower.

According to the creators of the app, the average American reads at a tenth-grade level. Making your text at or below this grade ensures the average American will be able to read and comprehend easily.

While the average Australian might read at a different level, it helps to follow the general guideline of making your writing simpler. After all, Hemingway’s writing can be assessed to be as low as fifth-grade!

5. After making the necessary changes, copy and paste your final text into where it needs to go!


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