No business can achieve its success without the dedication of a cohesive team. Private practice businesses are no exception.

Although a lot of private practices are made up of contractors (not employees), getting the team together regularly is essential in taking your practice to the next level. After all, your contractors/employees are the best source of information you have in regards to how efficiently your practice is running.

Keeping this in mind, schedule regular meetings and catch-ups with your team and ask for feedback. Considering that team members who feel heard are more likely to stay with their employer, regular team meetings are a worthwhile habit to form in your private practice.

It’s not enough to just meet with your team sporadically. In order for your team meetings to have a consistent positive effect on your practice, remember to practice RESPECT:

  • R: Regular and Routine – Make it daily, weekly or monthly
  • E: Expected – Schedule it in advance
  • S: Specific – When asking for feedback, make your questions specific, not vague
  • P: Perspective – Use perspective when receiving feedback
  • E: Efficient – Make team meetings efficient and productive
  • C: Consistent – Keep your communication and tone consistent
  • T: Transparent – Be, and encourage your team to be, transparent

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