In order to run a private practice like a well-oiled machine, it first needs to be approached like a proper business. That means having its own internal processes, policies and guides.

While it might seem unnecessary to have an extensive set of policy documents for a small practice, they’re essential even for a sole practitioner in order to ensure accuracy, consistency and productivity.

Policy and process documents are there to be used and referred to, with the following goals and actions in mind:

  • Repeat the same procedures without mistake
  • Review a current process to implement changes
  • For anyone to be able to complete an important task in the absence of the person generally responsible
  • Use during staff training and induction
  • In rare cases, use as reference during a dispute.

As such, there generally should be a written process for any and every task in your practice. Keep in mind that these documents can be short, straight-to-the-point, and written in your own words (not legalese).

With that said, below is a list of recommended internal processes and policies.


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