This Knowledge Base article is current as of 3 April 2020.

With the recent and sudden shift to telehealth, many health providers are wondering the same thing: Is the platform I’m using compliant and secure?

While there is some general advice provided by the government and the Department of Health, it is advised that you consult the governing bodies of your profession in order to ensure all privacy and security requirements are met.

With that said, below is the general advice given by MBS Online regarding telehealth options. This information can be found in the factsheets listed here (updated 1 April 2020).

“Videoconference services are the preferred approach for substituting a face-to-face consultation. However, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, providers will also be able to offer audio-only services via telephone if video is not available. There are separate items available for the audio-only services.

No specific equipment is required to provide Medicare-compliant telehealth services. Services can be provided through widely available video calling apps and software such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Duo, GoToMeeting and others.

Free versions of these applications (i.e. non-commercial versions) may not meet applicable laws for security and privacy. Practitioners must ensure that their chosen telecommunications solution meets their clinical requirements and satisfies privacy laws.”

MBS Online

Before choosing a telehealth platform, please check with the governing bodies of your health profession and ask for recommendations or advice.

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