If you know your average expenses and the wage you pay yourself (or would like to pay yourself), this simple calculator can tell you how much your practice must make in order to sustain your business expenses.

This calculator considers the following:

  • Weekly Expenses: Everything you need to pay for your practice, based on the average number of clients you see in a given week. If you have contractors or employees, include their pay and related costs here.
  • Weekly Wage: How much you pay yourself each week.
  • Tax: Company tax is set at 27.5% in this calculator.

Not considering any other taxes or fees, this simple calculator tells you the minimum revenue you must raise in a week or year to be able to make all necessary payments and gain zero profit. Using this calculator as a guideline, the revenue BEFORE tax is the amount of money you should aim to raise.

(Use the Minimum Session Fee Calculator to find out how to set your fees based on minimum required revenue.)

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