If you’re unsure how much is reasonable to charge per session, work your way backwards by first finding out your minimum session fee. The minimum session fee represents the fee you need to charge per session in order to sustain your business while gaining zero profit after paying all your expenses.

The calculator uses the following aspects of your practice:

  • Weekly Expenses: Everything you need to pay for your practice, based on the average number of clients you see in a given week. If you have contractors or employees, include their pay and related costs here.
  • Weekly Wage: How much you pay yourself each week.
  • Tax: Company tax is set at 27.5% in this calculator.
  • Average Number of Available Hours Per Week: Number of hours you’ve made available to work in your practice.
  • Average % of Available Hours that are Billable: On average, what percentage of your available hours are filled with client sessions?
  • Client Attendance (%): On average, what percentage of your billable hours are attended – i.e., paid?
Be mindful that some of your expenses are variable, meaning the more client sessions you have (or the more you charge), the more you spend. For example, depending on your arrangements, you may pay more admin costs or contractor fees.

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