It’s not always easy to estimate your annual revenue based on how things seem to be going. Our minds can play tricks, and make things seem better or worse than they really are. For example, you might feel like you’re seeing about 20 clients at $180 per session, but the reality might be that 2 of them cancelled, 2 rescheduled and another 2 paid a concession rate.

This is why calculators are handy to keep around, as there is no deceiving them. This simple revenue estimator takes into account important aspects of an average week to forecast how much revenue you could gain in a year.

Input the following information:

  • Average Number of Available Hours Per Week: Number of hours you’ve made available to work in your practice.
  • Average % of Available Hours that are Billable: On average, what percentage of your available hours are filled with billable sessions?
  • Client Attendance Rate (%): On average, what percentage of your billable hours are attended – i.e., paid?
  • Session Rate: On average, how much do you charge per session?

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