Online marketing is the process of using web-based methods and platforms to promote your products and services via the internet.

Most businesses use some form of online marketing, but not all online marketing methods that work for other types of businesses will work for private practice businesses.

Popular online marketing methods for private practice businesses include:


Why is online marketing important?

Online marketing is one of the main and most important marketing sources for private practice businesses. This is because marketing is only effective when the messages you’re promoting about your business are delivered to the right audience. And via online marketing, you are able to target these audiences and deliver suitable messages.

As most people use the internet in their daily lives, it is imperative for your private practice to have an online presence and an online marketing strategy.


Things to keep in mind

As a health practitioner in Australia or New Zealand, you must follow the advertising guidelines set by the governing board. It’s advised that you check your advertising/marketing and social media policies before planning your online marketing strategy.

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