This is the Intro of the “Migrating Practice Management Software Successfully” series. See all articles in the series here.

Practice Management Software (PMS) is a must-have the of the modern healthcare clinic.

Regardless of whether a clinic is moving from the traditional paper-based client notes to a PMS or changing the PMS, they use; like any technology change these changes can come with some trepidation, flashbacks to Y2K and some good ol’ technophobe fear.

So here are seven key stages for consideration when planning to migrate PMS’s.


What triggers a PMS migration?

  • Interoperability with digital health systems
  • Privacy and security concerns
  • Limitations of current software (lack of integrations)
  • Limitations of current hardware (lack of storage)
  • The business has been acquired by or merged with another company
  • Business growing quickly, or seasonal, needs software to scale accordingly
  • Current software pricing is license based per terminal plus support and updates

Being able to communicate and have buy-in from your team as to why you are undertaking the migration will keep everyone focused on completing the migration when things get tough.

Whether you’re transferring a small or large amount of data, preparation is of paramount importance. Serious problems including downtime, lost income, extra work, and upset team members and clients can result from failing to plan adequately.

The purpose of this checklist is to help you avoid some of these perils and have a successful PMS migration.