< Part 3: Beginning the Data Transfer: Preparing Data for a Migration

This is Part 4 of the “Migrating Practice Management Software Successfully” series. See all articles in the series here.

Part 4: Data Security Concerns

Often overlooked is the issue of data protection. When you take on a data migration project, expect that many stakeholders will have concerns about security.

Addressing data security concerns early in the process can get your project critical support from these groups.


Have you identified relevant stakeholders from data security or privacy?

There aren’t many ways to stop a data migration project quicker than ignoring security. Find out now who’s concerned with data security and data privacy issues at your business, and figure out how to address their concerns. Consider the following groups:

  • Admin/reception team
  • Practitioners including contractors
  • Accounting team members
  • Existing Service contracts with specific security requirements
  • Third party software contractors

Identify their specific concerns and the data affected by these issues.


Have you vetted the software and personnel involved in the data migration?

Many of the data privacy risks that a company faces come from careless, uninformed or just plain disgruntled employees. That’s why it’s important to vet any person who will play a role in the migration.

Now is also a good time to review who has what types of permissions to access confidential data. During the migration, it is likely that, at some stage, you will have your entire practice data such as client and referrer lists in an easily transferable file format. It’s far too common to have accounts that are either not in use (or belong to ex-employees) retain access to restricted files. Remove these permissions before beginning a data transfer to cut down on the risk of data breaches.

It’s important to vet the software you use for a data transfer. Don’t just pick up any open-source file transfer software such as Dropbox or send via email! To keep your practice and client data safe make sure the software you use is legitimate and well regarded.