Like in any business, knowing your clients/customers well is number one in a successful private practice. When you know your clients, you know where to find them, how to service them and how to continue communicating with them.

What does it mean to know your clients, you ask?

It means knowing who your clients are, what they like (and dislike), where they are and how they behave.

When put this way, it can sound almost intrusive to know this much about your clients. But in reality, you probably already know a lot of this information if you’re observant enough. The real difference between knowing your clients and really knowing your clients however, is how you use the information.

Market research, a critical step in any business’ marketing plan, is time-consuming and expensive. You have the advantage of having all your client data in front of you, ready to be understood and used. And the bigger advantage is that you can actually have direct and meaningful conversations with all of your clients, which is not always possible in other business types. This can help you to fill in the gaps in your client knowledge that you may not be able to gather just from observing.


So, how well do you really know your clients?

Please keep in mind that the below quiz is based on a noticeable trend or a distinguishable distribution pattern in your client data. For example, knowing your clients’ age groups means knowing how old the majority of your clients are (or how the age groups are spread), NOT knowing how old each client is. In the same vein, knowing where your clients live means knowing the particular suburbs that a lot of your clients live in.

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge!