Private Practice Recruitment Checklist: Intro

Private Practice Recruitment Checklist: Intro
This is the Intro of the “Private Practice Recruitment Checklist” series. See all articles in the series here.

There are some situations that make you think maybe it’s time to hire another (or your first) practitioner for your private practice. It may be a particularly busy few weeks, a growing waitlist, or even just because you feel like it’s the natural next step.

Whatever your reason may be, one thing is for sure: Recruitment in private practice is no joke! And as such, it should be taken with careful consideration and preparation.

This blog series will take you through everything you need to consider before and during the recruitment process.

Wait until the last part of the series to download our Recruitment Guide that includes:

  • A job ad template
  • Standard selection criteria
  • Application rejection email template (downloadable)
  • Phone interview invitation email template (downloadable)
  • Phone interview questions and answers sheet (downloadable)
  • Phone interview rejection email template (downloadable)
  • Face-to-face interview invitation email template (downloadable)
  • Interview questions and answers sheet (downloadable)
  • Interview rejection email template (downloadable)
  • Job offer email template (downloadable)
  • Letter of offer template (downloadable)
  • Practitioner commencement preparation checklist.

Now, back to the current topic. Just what are you meant to do to prepare for a new practitioner?

First, it starts with identifying the gaps in your practice.

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