Private Practice Recruitment Checklist: Step 4. Involve Your Team

Private Practice Recruitment Checklist: Step 4. Involve Your Team

This is Step 4 of the “Private Practice Recruitment Checklist” series. See all articles in the series here.

Step 4. Involve your current team

Once you’ve identified exactly what you need in the new team member, the next step is to ensure that everyone at your practice is on the same page.

Including your team in the recruitment process shows that you respect their opinions and increases your chances of finding the right person who will get along with the rest of the team.

Below are some ways to keep your team in the loop and keep their best interest at heart.


Ask what your team is looking for.

In addition to their feedback that may have prompted your decision to recruit in the first place (Step 1), ask your team what kind of qualities they’re looking for in their new colleague.

They might suggest some things you haven’t considered before. This could also help you to re-evaluate the job description.

Remember to balance it so that your team is heard and their input is taken into consideration, but you’re ultimately the decision maker.


Consider the cultural fit.

Your practice likely has a kind of vibe or personality based on the people that occupy it. It’s important to consider this when preparing to recruit.

While you’ll always have a first impression and immediately know if you get along with a candidate during the interview stage, it helps to consider the type of personality you’re looking for before you meet the candidates.


Ask for referrals and recommendations.

Another great way to involve your team in the private practice recruitment process is to ask for their recommendations. Invite them to put any names forward if they have any colleagues in mind.

The recommended practitioner is likely a high quality candidate as your team wouldn’t suggest them otherwise, to avoid damaging their own reputation. And a bonus is that they already get along with them!

While you might decide to put up an ad and go through the whole process anyway, hiring your team’s contacts can save you a lot of time and money as well.

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