Like in any business, knowing your clients/customers well is critical in running a successful private practice. When you know your clients, you know where to find them, how to service them and how to continue communicating with them.

What does it mean to know your clients, you ask?

In a marketing sense, it means knowing who your target audiences are, what they like (and dislike), where they are and how they behave.

When put this way, it can sound almost intrusive to know this much about your clients. But in reality, having marketing knowledge about your target audience as a group is vastly different from knowing any individual client in a personal and clinical sense.

And when your knowledge of your target audience is used in an ethical way, it can benefit both your private practice and your clients.


So, how well do you really know your target audience?

Please keep in mind that the below quiz is based on a noticeable trend or a distinguishable distribution pattern in your target audience. For example, knowing your clients’ age groups means knowing how old the majority of your clients are (or how the age groups are spread), NOT knowing how old each client is. In the same vein, knowing where your clients live means knowing the particular suburbs that a lot of your clients live in.

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge!

I know…

  • What kind of information do you know about your clients? Fill out the quiz below to get your score.
    I've never thought about itI could make an educated guessI'm 99% sure but haven't collected the dataI know for sure based on collected data
    How old my clients are (or how the age groups are spread)
    How the gender is split
    What ethnicity most of my clients are
    What language(s) my clients speak
    The top 3-5 suburbs where my clients live
    The top 3-5 suburbs where my clients work
    What my clients do for work
    How much my clients earn (I.e. the most common income bracket)
    How my clients hear about me/my practice
    How my clients make an appointment (e.g. by phone, email)
    How my clients communicate with me
    What my clients' top 5 presenting issues/problems are
    How my clients generally acquire information in their day-to-day life



Download the  Ideal Client Marketing Strategy Workbook

Remember that just knowing your target audience isn’t enough. All the information in the world about your market means nothing if you don’t put it to use!

Our Ideal Client Marketing Strategy Workbook helps you to put down all your audience-related knowledge into one place. It also helps you to put together ideal client personas that you can visualise addressing whenever you produce content for your clients/readers.


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