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Private Practice Quick Tips

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Quick Tip #13

The best recruitment strategy is to build a culture people want to work in.

Quick Tip #12

Put yourself out there and start conversations with like-minded professionals in the allied health industry in order to build authority, trust and brand awareness.

Quick Tip #11

Turn your business plan into bite-sized monthly goals for quick reference and better tracking of your progress.

Quick Tip #10

Add your and your contractors’ profiles to online directories or marketplaces to increase client volume and improve SEO.

Quick Tip #9

Enable online booking systems to provide quick and convenient appointment scheduling methods for your clients.

Quick Tip #8

Your admin and reception team hold critical information about how your clients interact with your practice. Frequently engage the team for feedback, red flags and suggestions.

Quick Tip #7

Instead of thinking of them as your competitors, connect with local private practice owners to establish a cross-referral and/or support relationship.

Quick Tip #6

When hiring new team members, it’s OK to advertise for additional non-clinical skill sets that are lacking in your practice!

Quick Tip #5

Create email templates with responses to questions you get frequently from your potential/current clients.

Quick Tip #4

If you have trouble enforcing cancellation fees, either remove the fee policy completely or consider charging a smaller fee (e.g. 20%).

Quick Tip #3

Watch how many session fee “exceptions” you’re making. Sticking to your own fee policy could make a significant difference to your overall revenue.

Quick Tip #2

Client surveys are a great way to improve your practice while ensuring client satisfaction.

Quick Tip #1

Set up an automatic SMS appointment reminder to reduce cancellation and no-show rates.

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