Job Ad Template for a Private Practice Psychologist


Increase your chances of hiring the perfect psychologist contractor/employee for your practice with our job ad template!


Product Description

First step to adding a new member to your team is putting the word out there that your practice is hiring. As the job ad is the first impression that the potential candidate will have of you, it’s important to ensure that the ad conveys the personality and values of your practice.

A great job ad for a private practice psychologist should satisfy the following components:

  • Clear and straightforward job title
  • Excellent grammar and spelling
  • A description of your practice and its values
  • Detailed description of the job and requirements (essential & desired)
  • Location/Site – Push your location if in a convenient area; If not, mention other benefits of the location (e.g., close to public transport, ample parking space, shops nearby)
  • Clear and simple application process
  • Unique aspects about your practice or job
  • Timeline – If you have a strict application deadline or desired commencement date, mention it in the ad.

This private practice psychologist job ad template is a generic version that is designed to be edited and added to, in order to suit the specific needs of your practice. Simply download it and change the parts highlighted in yellow!

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