Private Practice Brand Message Worksheet


Use this worksheet to consider the unique aspects of your practice and how you can use them to engage your audience.


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A lot of private practice owners think that their practice cannot have a special feel that differentiates it from others, as they believe most practices offer highly similar services.

And when approaching private practices from this “the more services you offer, the better” perspective, it might seem impossible to have a distinguishable brand message.

But if that were true, we wouldn’t see different marketing messages, brand colours and vibes from other different-but-same companies. After all, most of us can distinguish between Yo-Chi and Yo-get-it, without being able to articulate their differences!

Private practices can (and are encouraged to) also have their own unique image and message. Doing so helps to cement your practice in the clients’ mind which means it’s more likely to be recalled when needed. Knowing your brand message also helps you to target your marketing materials as well as the content, tone, delivery methods and channels!

Download and use this fillable worksheet to consider what makes your practice unique, and what kind of message you want to deliver to your clients.

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