Private Practice Marketing Plan Template


Plan out the future marketing activities in your practice with this comprehensive private practice marketing plan.


Product Description

Many private practice owners have a misconception (or sometimes fear) that private practice businesses are unlike other general businesses and therefore don’t require similar preparation and planning processes. While it’s true that some components of private practice businesses are vastly different to other common types of business, the notion of vigorous planning and documenting still stands in private practice.

Planning for marketing is no different.

This comprehensive marketing plan template takes you through traditional as well as health business-specific components of marketing to help you:

  • Understand your services
  • Identify and understand your market/client base
  • Plan for promotions and client acquisition
  • Strategise client retention
  • And put in action plans to keep yourself accountable.

There are two .docx files you can download:

  • 1 x Marketing plan template
  • 1 x Marketing plan template with instructions

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