The Triple C Prioritisation Matrix for Private Practice


Systemise your private practice decision making process by prioritising your list items with The Practice Lab’s Triple C Prioritisation Matrix.


Product Description

The Triple C Prioritisation Matrix, developed by The Practice Lab, is a valuable tool for private practice owners to guide their decision-making process. This system assists you in prioritising tasks, projects, or decisions based on their significance in three key areas of private practice:

  • Client Experience: This refers to how the item will affect client care, the relationship with clients, and the overall experience your clients have with your practice.
  • Clinic (Business): This aspect pertains to the impact the item will have on the overall business operations of your clinic, including financial implications and operational efficiency.
  • Culture: This involves how the item will influence the culture within your practice, encompassing staff morale, teamwork, and the overall work environment.

For each item on your list, you’ll assign a score ranging from 1 to 5 based on its influence on these three critical aspects, with 5 indicating the highest impact. After scoring, you’ll total these scores and arrange the list in descending order based on the total score. The items with the highest scores are the ones with the most significant impact on your practice, allowing you to prioritise them with a sense of urgency and importance.


How to download this template

Once you check out, click on the “Download” button which will take you to a view-only Google Spreadsheet page. You can download this to your computer by going to File > Download, or sign into your Google account to make a copy of the file to your own Google Drive.

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