As you might have noticed already, May has been a busy month for the team at The Practice Lab. From blogs to knowledge base resources, it was a content-packed month, giving you the private practice resources you’re after!

Missed our last update? Read the April summary here!

As it’s coming up to the End of Financial Year, it’s important to look out for helpful tips and tools to plan for your private practice into the next financial year.

Take a look at the summary of our May updates below and reach out to us if you need any tailored support!

Knowledge Base

The Practice Lab team has been steadily adding resources to the Knowledge Base for your private practice needs.

Last month’s highlight was the FAQ workbook for a psychology practice website. If you’re currently creating a new website or re-evaluating your existing website, download the workbook to ensure that you’re providing quality and necessary information in your FAQs for your visitors!

practicelab psychology website faq workbook

Blog Roundup

Blog Series: Migrating Practice Management Software Successfully

The biggest content feature in May was our first blog series on the topic of migrating practice management software. Written by Steven Whittington and originally uploaded on LinkedIn, we turned it into easily-digestible, bite-sized articles for your convenience.

We recommend this blog series for anyone considering moving to a different practice management software (PMS). Follow the blog series to find out how to prepare for the PMS migration and the things you need to keep in mind to ensure its success!

Below is a list of new blogs we shared in May. If you missed any, catch up on them via the links below!

This is What an Amazing Admin Team Looks Like in Private Practice

An amazing, well-structured and well-trained admin team can help run your private practice like a well-oiled machine – converting client enquiries to bookings, reducing cancellation rates, and increasing client satisfaction!

Read on to find out what an amazing admin team looks like and how you can achieve it.

24 Questions Your FAQs Should Answer for Your Psychology Practice

We mentioned the FAQ workbook above, in the Knowledge Base section. If you don’t need a workbook, read the blog version instead and check to see if your FAQs answer the necessary questions about your practice, services, booking process and payment.

Making Tough Decisions in Your Private Practice

As a private practice owner, you’ll come across situations where you’re required to make tough decisions. Maybe you’re considering hiring (or firing) a practitioner. Perhaps you need to migrate to another practice management software. Or maybe you’re thinking of moving to a new premises?

These decisions can’t be taken lightly, as the consequences of doing so could make or break your practice. With this in mind, we share the key steps to making tough decisions in private practice.

9 Common Misconceptions about Private Practice

There are certain aspects of private practice that make people think, “What have I gotten myself into?!”

We’ve selected 9 most common misconceptions about private practice. It’s a must-read for anyone considering starting their own practice, or established owners who are wondering if anyone else has the same issues they have.

Let us know if you agree with our list!

How Much is Your Business Worth? 5 Methods to Value Your Private Practice

Ever wondered how much your private practice is worth? Even if you’re not thinking of selling your practice any time soon (or ever), it’s a valid question all business owners have from time to time.

In this blog, we share 5 common methods of valuing a business that you can apply to private practice.

We hope you enjoyed our content this month as much as we enjoyed creating them! Do you have anything in particular you’d like to learn more about running a successful private practice business? Tell us here!